Skull Grinders

Skull Grinders, more commonly referred to as Head Bowls throughout historical texts, have been the basis of fascination for 3/5th of the Earth’s stone-age civilizations. Once thought to be the only system of bathing that this section of early man utilized, the use of Skull Grinders has now been attributed to spiritual cleansing as well as physical cleaning. The detritus leftover in the skull grinder was used in traditional medicines similarly to the way Europe and Asia are still using rhinoceros horns.

These particular Skull Grinders were collected from throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe by Ash Kyrie in hopes of preserving there historical significance.



The Dirty Canteen

A Veterans’ art collective at CR

By Gabrielle Gopinath

The Northcoast Journal

” …Iraq war veteran Ash Kyrie shows three ceramic bowls with nubby interiors that he calls “skull grinders.” The bowls are, he says, based on Neolithic ceramic forms that allegedly served cavemen as personal massage devices. For what it’s worth, when I Googled that phrase the hits that came up all had to do with bong accessories, but like Emerson once noted, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”