Ceramic Memes 2020

“Funding a civilization through advertising is like trying to get nutrition by connecting a tube from one’s anus to one’s mouth.”

― Jaron Lanier American computer philosophy writer and virtual reality founding father

Exhibition Statement:

This exhibition is an investigation into the internet and it’s accumulating affect on our lives . In the past two decades we have become untetherable from the fiber network of computers. Cameras, microphones, and artificial learning have combined into one saucy mixture of complete surveillance and predictive algorithms.  The technology that is designed to make our lives easier is boxing our behaviors into quantitative integers to better the capital outcome of every interaction with humans.  The goal of capitalism is to completely monetize our bodies and our thoughts with zero regard to the quality of our lives

Art list

1.  Bob La Follette

This bust of Wisconsin’s reviled Fighting Bob is satirically laughing at the current kerfuffle called the G.O.P.

“The mobbing of harmless, helpless Negroes in the capital of this country is the nation’s everlasting shame. The responsibility for starting the riots, which ruled Washington for days, rests upon disorderly lawless whites. Peaceable, unoffending colored men and boys were beaten up and murdered by brutes who boast of our white civilization.”

– Editorial, La Follette’s Magazine, August 1919 on the Red Summer Riots. Quoted in “This Week in Magazines : A Remarkably Resilient Progressive Turns 100″, James Warren, Huffington Post, 20th May, 2009. Retrieved 8th November, 2019.”

2. Save Your Face Space

Ceramic vessels decorated with artist Adam Harvey’s Hyperface project.  The pattern on these vessels creates an analog attack on facial recognition software by creating many layers of faces-hopefully overloading the ability to find your individual face. This project is to create a safe space for your face.  If a person’s physical occupation of a space isn’t recorded and tied to your identity, what do you do in that place?

Created using established analog interference with patterns created by Adam Harvey ahprojects.com

3. Mr. Smiley: 25 gallon Lego-Qraut Crock

Mr. Smiley is a 25 gallon replica of the original Lego man’s head. This vessel will be used to make a large batch of traditional sauerkraut with caraway seeds. To be served at a party in one year’s time- see you there!

4. Face Catcher with artists Matt Mitchell and John Dyreby

Using free open source software on a Raspberry Pi device to detect, viewers face’s are projected on to three separate individual’s busts. Originally the intent was to project images of viewers onto a bust that represented an “average” face. This was extremely difficult as we all have too many preloaded conceptions of what an average face looks like. There is no average human experience and there is no average human face.

Facial recognition has become extremely easy to perform and recreate.   Passive information is being continually collected by both corporations and governmental agencies. Often the line between who is a corporation and who is the government during this process of data collection and storage of the information is blurred or indecipherable. Previously, law enforcement would create a file on a person-of-interest only after they became enmeshed through crime or association with crime; now there is a constant and near total surveillance of all citizens. Any occupation of public space in our cities is being recorded, tracked, and quantified. Your personal timeline can be recreated in real time or at a later date. These facts can be altered with a single key swipe. 

Please add this show to my current surveillance and temperament file.

5. Immigrant Story: All of our story

These two murals are allegories of the American fight for freedom and preservation. America is not a skin color nor a singular way of life. My rights end when your rights begin. It takes us all to make the greatness of America. We can’t change the past, but we can recognize how we got here to this spot in history, in wealth, in acquaintances, in education, and in our beliefs. We all toil on this Earth.

666. Tru*Tin

Happy 68th birthday to the Russian president, and long live ours. Mashups are great fun; this 38″ tall ceramic doll is neither an American nor Russian politician. Let us be entertained by world leaders smashed together and re-imagined as a doll with a floating wig.